Graphics fitment question, can you help?

Ok, the bike is an '02 WR 426, but I have an IMS tank (and YZ seat), but still running the stock WR shrouds. I want to put on a new set of high quality OEM style graphics to protect the plastics.

What should I order? YZ or WR? I know the dimensions on the IMS tank are closer to YZ spec (it fits a YZ seat), so that makes me think YZ graphics. But, are the shrouds different between the WR and YZ on the '02?

Thanks in advance. :cry:

I have a '00 wr400f with the same ims tank and yz seat. i ordered graphics for a yz400f and they fit the tank with minor triming on the bottom of the tank. the shrouds fit fine along all of the edges, the only place that didnt fit all that great was around the front lower shroud mount. good luck

Bones, the radiator scoops are different from WR to YZ, I'd get the WR ones and then custom fitting it onto the tank would be much easier. Dennis Kirk has a listing for OE looking graphics made by FX which is much thicker and more durable, plus less money than OE. The Dennis Kirk number for the 02 WR426F is: 524897 and list for $32.99 The 02 YZ426 kit number is: 524897 and list for the same price. Now these are the OE looking replicas and are 12 MIL thick. :cry:

Thanks Yota, those were the same one's I was looking at, only from Rocky Mtn. I guess I'll give the TT store a chance to beat that price!

Thanks all for the help.

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