yz426f overheating, need help

undefinedafter I ride for only a short time my bike starts to spitt up antifreeze, any one else with this problem??

you may have a blown head gasket. Check to make sure you don't have traces of coolant in your oil.

Thanks, I have done that and yhe head gasket is good, no oil and water mixture. my thinking is it maybe a timming issue. I am going to flush the cooling system go with a 50/50 mix distilled water and antifreeze and addd some water wetter, see if that helps. Any sugestions on the timming. Thanks for the response


Just like Satch said, a possible blown head gasket or bad cap

have your engine pressure checked to see if it is truly blown

and also tell you what your condition of your engine is in

Try this:

First, test that your cap has a stop/catch point half way off that requires you to push it down and turn it further to remove it. This is the pressure relief safety stop. It's purpose is to allow any presuure built up in the radiator to blow off before the cap is actually free of the radiator. Be sure it works.

Warm the bike up to normal temperature. Then, back the cap off part way to relieve pressure. WEAR GLOVES AND EYE PROTECTION!

After that, replace the cap and make one good run through the gears, at least through third, come to a stop and shut it down immediately. Turn the cap to the relief point. If you have a significant build up of pressure after just one hard run like that on a hot engine, you may very well have a blown head gasket. Sometimes, you will be able to detect the smell of exhaust or of combustion gases in the radiator when this happens.

There are inexpensive combustion gas test kits for cooling systems available as well, and a well equipped shop should have one of their own. Again, be very careful uncorking hot cooling systems!!

thanks I'll do that today!!

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