yzf450 vs. crf450

Somebody help me deside which bike to get. Ill be getting an 03 or 04. The crf, to me, looks so much cooler but ive heard that it has valve problems and doesnt last as long as a yammie. :cry: Which bike has the best reliablility, also in a drag who would win? Thanks

A small percentage of the CRF's are experieincing premature valvle coating wear and valve seat wear, and the problem seems to have been blown out of proportion partially as a result of Hondas lack of support for these customers. The YZ hasn't had the same problems at all.

Both are awsome bikes and you wont go wrong either way. The bigest issue you have buying second hand is knowing wether the shims have been done and the air and oil filter maintainance frequency.

As far as a drag race, watch some race starts they are about as close to a drag as you get in motocross and they seem to be very closely matched. The power delivery on the honda can be rolled on a little smoother or whacked on suddenly, where as the YZ seems to come on fairly abruptly regardless of how gentle you are, but thats why I chose the YZ.


I love my 03 YZ450f and have it for sale to get a new bike.

If you are in the area, you are welcome to ride it if you are interested in buying it.


The YZF is going to be the more reliable of the two. In fact, they are almost unbelievably durable. The CRF has been pretty good in that regard, though some have had trouble, as mentioned.

I like the YZ engine better for a variety of technical reasons.

The Honda feels lighter when you're riding it, even though there's very little difference in weight, and it seems to require less effort. The CRF is easier to turn (the '05 YZ is said to be a little better about this than the earlier ones), but the YZF steers better in that I feel like I can choose a line and stay on it more accurately than on the CRF, even change in the midle of a corner if I want to. The CRF feels a little skitish at speed, the YZF quite stable.

Honda's stock suspension is superb

The CRF also seems a little cramped to me, and I'm not that big at 5'10". I have a lot more room, especially when standing, on the Blue bike.

It boils down to which one YOU like best. I recommend one of each. :cry:

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