IMS fuel tank question

i just put on an IMS fuel tank, and noticed that the crossover fuel line on the right side is basically up against the cylinder and very close to the header pipe as well. i put a thin rubber sleeve line around it to help shield it some, but it still has me worried a bit. anyone else with the IMS desert tank have this same problem with any tips ???? thx for any help. :cry:

btw, this is on a '04 yz 450 :cry:


Made me VERY nervous too. I shortened the line as much as possible to make the radius stay up off the header. NO FIRES WANTED HEAR!!! :cry:

I also put a couple zip ties on the other side of the carb to keep the line right where I wanted it. Makes me wonder why IMS would do such a thing :cry: I've got a full season of hard woods riding without incident (knock on wood)


Mine is the same way :cry: zipTie ims tank has a cool little petcock over there :cry:

Use a zip tie or two to hold the line away from the header. It won't hurt it to touch the head, but if it rests on the pipe, it will melt.

I think I got really lucky with mine. I didn't notice, but it had slipped down and was touching the pipe. I had a little get off, and after picking the bike up and getting ready to start it, my buddy points down and yells at me. I looked down and saw gas leaking out right onto the head pipe! This was about an inch behind the petcock, so I was able to cut the last inch off the fuel line and hook it back up. I ended up buying some heavier fuel line, and zip tying it up so it CANT touch the pipe.

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