Little Blue Bikes

Hey gang,

I know many of you out there are just like me, you've got your toy, but you've also got one or more little ones running close behind with little blue bikes :cry: . Hence my problem. My youngest (8) has just about outgrown the PW80. It's way under powered for her, a lot of times I catch her dog paddling to get it going, the gearing in them sucks :cry: . Not to mention she only knows two ways to twist the grip ON or OFF NOTHING in between :cry:. I consider her an aggressive rider (just follow behind her you'll see) I've never seen a kid hammer a little bike so hard, throw that back wheel around so much, and still keep the rubber side down.

I'd like to move here up to a TTR90 but I hate that it doesn't have a manual clutch. She is more than ready for a clutch lever, she's proven that by riding her big sisters TTR125 (when she's not looking :cry: ). The problem is she's way too short for the TTR. Why did Yamaha quit making the RT100 (in 99 or 2000?) at least it was a nice in between bike with a manual clutch. I looked at a YZ85 but I think it's just a little too much throttle for her :cry: although the weight seemed to be a little more manageable for her, I'm just afraid she'll really get hurt on it.

I see two ways to get thru next season:

1. Put some gonads under the seat of the PW80. Bore it out, mill the head, deck the jug (get some real compression) and open the pipe a little, keep in mind I have to maintain the spark arrestor and 94Dba for MI woods riding.

2. Move her up to TTR90 which I suspect has enough torque but does anybody sell an clutch kit for it?

Any thoughts?

There is not enough difference between the PW 80 and TTR 90 to make trading worthwhile.

If your wanting to move her up to a real bike with a clutch, look at the Honda XR 80 series. These bikes are a step up in performance from what Yamaha thinks the kids need.

I would have to agree. An 81XR80 is what my oldest moved off of when she got the TTR. I'm just tryin hard to stay all BLUE. Yamaha is making it real hard :cry: Why aren't they filling the gap? The RT100 kind of did that, didn't it?

Maybe I need to look at letting a different colored horse back in the stable :cry:

Have you thought about the KX65's? They are a lot lighter, reliable, common, and they can rip. More power and suspension than the PW, plus it has a clutch.

Sorry to say but you have to leave Yamaha, but it is OK if you promise to come back. :cry:

The way is 65 - KX, SX, RM.

As said, TTR90 is like PW80, Honda XR80 is only taller and heavier than these and won't give any difference apart from the clutch.

XR100 is already in TTR125 category, they are heavy and too tall for a kid of age 8.

I have gone thru all this too. From PW50 (both kids) to XR70 to TTR125LE (daughter 12yrs)

and TTR90 to YZ85 small wheel, stroked (son 10yrs).

Since my son is color handicapped, we skipped the 65's. The 85 is powerful, he has ridden it twice and it is manageable for him, but he really starts with it next summer. But it is a huge jump from TTR90 to YZ85.

Go for a KX65, then she can decide 3-4 years later if she wants a TTR125 or a YZ85.

Thanks on all the comments. It looks as if I may have to switch colors after all. :cry:

By the way thanks for the comment on the avitar, only us die hards that rode them back in the early days can recognize it. :cry:



Get some blue plastic

blue plastic on a kx65. That is your best route. You can find older examples for ~$1K and the motor and suspension is head and shoulders above the "trail" bikes made by others. at this age, the kx, rm, or ktm sx65 are the way to go for best performance.

You guys are exactly right about the KX 65. A friend bought one for his boy after he outgrew his PW 80. He has had the KX for two and a half years. We replaced one top end because we felt guilty for not doing so earlier. Other than that, the bike has needed zero mechanical work. It is also very fast. The suspension is in a new league compared to the TTR's and PW's.

Get some blue plastic


BTW - I meant to say early 80's, to be specific it was 1972-1975 I had the Mini Enduro. Boy was I proud of it!

I think those little bikes have a throttle stop don't they? get the pw80 and

restrict the throttle till she can use all the power :cry:


That's the problem. She has already maxed the PW-80 for power and wishes for more plus a real suspension and tires. Like today she was getting hammered at the race because that little bike just doesn't have to ponies to pull itself thru those deep ruts while dragging the foot pegs and the side covers.

So I guess it's off to getting the PW-80 a little more power for next season, then I think I'll try toning down a YZ85 after that.

Throttle stop YZ85:

I may still have to replace the brass ring to a higher one, it still does not stop the throttle soon enough.

Also note, that these small bikes become dangerous for kids who push them;

their feet may touch the ground and ancles twisted in whoops cause they are low and do not have enough suspension. I really had to remind my son each time he went riding his TTR90 to keep them toes on the pegs and not let them hang down.

Get a second hand 65 for some time so she gets used to the power and suspension. YZ85 is very powerful and even lowered the small wheel version is quite high.

OK, here's a thought. If the RT100 looks very similar to the TTR90 as far as size, can anybody tell me how it compared to it for power?

Yea I know it's a twin shocker compared to the updated suspension in a KX. But remeber all things considered my daughter will most likely ride 95% in the woods and 5% on a track jumping.

As you commented, I also have had to tell my daughter to keep her toes up (not letting her feet rotate down on the pegs). A taller inseam on the bike will help this problem by keeping her knee angle greater. There have been a couple close calls with tree roots going thru a bermed(sp?) corner where Daddy was really glad she had expensive boots on!




I have never seen one, it must not have been in import program up here. Did some Google research and it looks to be much taller than TTR90, almost in size of small wheel TTR125, but weighs 18 lbs less.

It definitely is an upgrade in size and gearbox/manual clutch from PW80.

It is a 25 year old design and discontinued since 2000 but I'm sure you still can get parts. If you want to stay in blue, not a bad choice to me.

Best thing to do is to find one and let her sit on it.


A couple rewievs:


Thanks for your thoughts and ideas. It just so happens that a new neighbor has one for his 10 year old son (about a 95 or so), or I wouldn't have realized the option at all.

Time to go visiting!



The KX60's are fun, a buddy had one when we were kids and we traded bikes often. Just one note: Unless they've changed the power at all, there is absolutely no (ZERO) bottom end power. Very on/off powerband. For fire roading it was great, for tight trails not so good (I'm in the south east where things get tight). Then again that was years ago so it's likely they've made some changes since then.

De nade, Joe. If it was of any assistance, the pleasure is mine.

Do you happen to have photos to post of the Mini Enduro? I haven't got a single memory myself (except the ones in head, which are fading...)



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