stock odometer elliminator?

I have a 01 wr426 with a digital speedo and odometer...I want to get rid of the stock mechanism that spins the cable from the wheel...I thought that I have seen a spacer that would take its place and eliminate it, but I can't remember where or when :cry: ...I was wondering if any body has done this mod or knows anything about it , or where it get the part? I am going to install the gytr alluminum front disc gaurd and thought that I would take care of this while I was working in the area....

link to gytr guard... item # 4505889493

any body running this guard?

Yes you need the aluminum spacer to get rid of the odo part that is between your fork and from wheel. I dont remeber where I saw it, but I know its available. Cya Stinson makes one.

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