superXR650L edelbrock help

Built my 2000 xr650l with 10.5 to 1 comp piston, hotcams stg 1 cam, cleaned up the ports matched them to the manifolds, WB headpipe and Eseries pipe with 16 discs and closed end cap.

I went Supermoto with 17 inch rims and suspension mods.

The prob Im having is with the carb, I built this bike with hopes that it would run like a XR600R, but it doesnt... I think that the carb needs jetting. It stumbles at a constant throttle below 1/4 turn, it pulls pretty hard up through 1/4 throttle to wide open, but not like a XR600r.

Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Any questions, I would be glad to assist others.


Scott Summers puts the stock XR600 carb (with minor jetting changes) on his 650Ls.


was I not clear that I had a edelbrock carb on it?

I noticed from some other posts that i may need the pumper carb...

Is this true?

Im thinking that the xr600r carb is the answer.

BUt I was thinking that there might be a jetting prob with my edelbrock QS that I might fix.

Money is not really an issue, I just want this bike to kick major booty!

if the bike is not running right on the bottom end, you might want to have a looksey at the pumper. Have you done a plug reading? Is the bike running rich or lean? If when you whack it, it stumbles, I would say crank the pump up a tad. Its the little brass screw on the lower right hand side, get an 8 mm and a straight screw driver and try doing increases of a 1/4 turn at a time until it feels right. The QS comes with two needles so you might want to see which one you have. When adjusting the pumper, you need to be out on a cruise because it will react a lot differently under load. I bet thats your problem otherwise you have the wrong needle in or your just way outta adjustment on the needle. Run it hard at the top end, stop and take a plug reading. That should tell you or us a lot about the bikes condition. Also, have you opened up the air box. It sounds like with the pipe, the carb and the piston, you should be getting more airflow. See if running it without a filter on the road makes a difference. Good luck! :cry:

I think Hawiianfrosty is saying that he has the Edelbrock for the XR650L which does not have an accelerator pump!!! I have one of the "new" Edelbrock carbs (with pumper) on order, but apparently there has been some delays in getting them out. I understand that it is possible to retrofit the non-pumper carb to a pumper, but it cost nearly 200.00 to do it.


Yeah, my carb doesnt have the pump. I got nearly all the parts for my engine thru white bros, and they recommended this carb, Im disappointed with the results, tho. It doesnt run like an xr600r and I believe it should.

Well, eitherway, I think that you should run the sucker hard and fast down the road and take a plug reading. That will tell you/us the story. :cry:

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