'94 650L - Tire Size ??? (I'm green, need help...)

I just bought this bike.

It's got a Dunlop Sports - D739 - Desert AT - 120/100 - 18 on the rear & the guy also gave me a new Dunlop : 130/90x17, D606 . That tire (17) is not going to fit on the wheel I have, right?

What bike will it fit on? Maybe I can sell it...

or is there any good reason to get a second rim to fit that tire & run it?



stock tire 4.60 x18 (dual-sport)

Tires that will fit 4.50 -5.10 x 18 , 100 - 140 (90-100 aspect ratio)

ideal size 110/100 -18 (less weight-less bog)

No a 17" tire won't fit an 18" rim

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