help needed please

Im running my 01 wr 400 on fully synth putoline engine oil and at the moment im changing the oil every ride. and cleaning the oil filter every second ride and replace the filter every 5th oil change. Do you guys think this is over kill or not?. And im just about to fit a magnetic drain plug im also pretty new to blue as ive only had mine for about six weeks so any help is appreciated.

When my key broke, the bike sputtered and backfired like crazy when trying to electric start.

Pull the side case and check it out.

In 2001 WRs were 426's, you might be incorrect on what year you have or what size motor you have. Regarless, I think changing the oil "every" ride IS overkill... I think a good rule of thumb is to change the oil every few hundred miles or so. It's true, you can never really change the oil too much but I think you're creating more work and spending more money than you need to. I used to clean my oil filters out and re-use them just to save a little cash.

good luck, Dan

Do you think id be better staying with the brass oil filter or going to the newer type papper oil filter. :cry:

Alfie, stick with what Dan said. I change my oil every 7-10 hrs(about 3 rides sometimes 4). I just clean my oil filter in a solvent and re-use it, no need for the disposable paper ones

Cheers guys thanks for your help

dan, WR400's were made up to the 02..prolongued production for some markets because of the 400 race class

about oil change, i do mine every 625 miles, regardless the terrain, tranny still working as with new oil (soft) and oil consumption from max reaching to the middle point

use ELF 10W-50 sint oil

I'd call it overkill. I'm running full synth and change it around 1k miles....

When my key broke, the bike sputtered and backfired like crazy when trying to electric start.

Pull the side case and check it out.

Don't know how this got on the wrong thread. Can't figure out how to edit it either.

While I'm here,

I change oil every 500 miles. It would be more often if I raced motocross.

I also check the oil color. If it starts to look tarnished on the level stick before 500 miles, its time.

i don't know about overkill but after a weekend thrash my oil looks just that ,thrashed. i change mine every week!! i don't know if any of you that call it overkill have priced a new motor, don't forget this same oil also lubes the trannie. :cry:

which oil do you use? grade, manufacturer

i use chevron delo 4oo (deisel oil) and 2 ounces of two2cool . clean the filter every 3rd change.

i use chevron delo 4oo (deisel oil) and 2 ounces of two2cool . clean the filter every 3rd change.

Second that - or Shell Rotella 10W40, whichever is on sale or readily available.

I run synthetic and change mine about 2-3 times per riding season...once every ride is long as your oil stays a nice golden brown your ok....if your oil ever looks dirty or tarnished change it...i highly reccomend that you run synthitic (after break in, never during), and I would get it from a dirtbike shop. don't just go to autozone and get oil. :cry: get oil that is specifically designed for dirt bikes because of oil bath clutch additives.(some types of oil will smoke your clutch).. I like the stainless steel reusable filters they work great and a magnetic drain plug is worth for the air filter, I clean mine every couple of rides, depending on the dust factor ..also check your valves once a year as well as your cam chain....preventitive maintanace pays for itself over and over again..... keep up on this stuff and you should be roosting for years to come.. :cry:

golden brown? i don't think mines golden after the first hour!! these bikes are tough on oil if ridden hard,and thats the only way i know how. most of the crap comes from the clutch. :cry: and i have used mobil 1 redcap but the delo seems to keep its viscosity longer.

Alfie, you dont say much about how hard you ride. If you are a intense rider and you are in sand and or mud, you probably arent far off. If you are dual sporting the thing or just trailride than its overkill.

I beg to differ. The WRs need relentless oil changing! I change mine after every weekend of riding. The 1.2 quarts is black after a few hours of riding. Must come from the clutch like NCMountainman says. You can get away with changing the oil filter once a month. :cry:

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