Fork spring selection help

I all ready posted this in the suspension forum, Not really getting any help there, So i figure since i have a YZ ill ask here also,I have a 04yz450f, the stock springs are 0.460kg, For my weight the chart says i need a 0.478, closest i could find in the thumpertalk store is a 0.490 in racetech springs, will that be to much of a difference?, also factory connection makes a 0.480, but can't find anywhere online that sells that brand, any help would be greatly appreciated. thx. Joe

Eibach also manufactures .48 kg/mm fork springs for the YZ forks. Mine were provided by Precision Concepts in El Cajon, CA, but they should be widely available.

I weigh about 200 in gear, and I use .48 front and a 5.8 rear on my YZ450. It works out well. :cry:

sorry...i missed your weight and skill level. suspension website charts will get you into alot of trobble and out of some cash with their spring recommendations. use the .49 front and go to a 5.3 rear (you can't do one without the other). If you are over 200 lbs, go to the 5.5 kg rear. if you swap fronts only, you will never keep your bike levelled properly while riding. i did fronts only and couldn't get my bike to turn...just bought the stiffer rear.


Hi thx. for the info guys, I'm 6'2" and weigh 220 without gear, i went with a 5.6 rear, and a .49 front, Im like mid to back of the pack B-rider on a good day, I was talking to a A-class rider he said i should be pretty good with what i have coming. thx agian Joe

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