VERTEMATI's.....Any imput????

I want to buy a Vertemati E501 E. I dont know anyone who own's one so I am looking for imput on how good or bad they are, before I buy one.

Call Joe at motostrano .. He can give you a bunch of details on what they are all about 650 780-9306.. He had a supermoto rider Pucho ride for him for 2 years on a Vert before Husquvarna snached him.. I test rode one and Whoa ! it was super lite.. just a bit on the pricey side so I ended getting a Husqvarna.. Solid motors from what I hear..

I have a 501 Enduro that I just bought. I LOVE it. Super light, super fast, handles great. You better hold on when you grab throttle. Bummer about getting tech support though. I am frantically searching for ANYTHING. I need to know how to do periodic maintainence, etc......

Stumpjumper, where are you? There were 2 in Tampa Fl.

New or used Vertematis in Florida???....

One new and one used at Target Motors in Tampa but that was about a year ago.

I do have a SM570 if you are interested. :applause:


Your Vert in it new or used, and in what condition....

Actually I was a dealer of sorts for Vert for a few months. It was just about the time they were about to go belly up that last time. As far as the bike itself, I loved it! Great design, engineering and performance.

I can't say I would trust in their ability to give the kind of customer service and support that is deserved when you spend this kind of money. Some people don't care about such things, this forum is proof of that, so just keep in mind that its not a Honda so don't expect easy access to parts & service.

This is true....there is a ghost of a dealer network and most parts out there are now in the hands of a few that have collected the last of the new stuff out there in the USA............

I would recommend that only someone wanting to do all the service work on the bike themselves and be willing to search hard and long for parts that are scarce even consider buying a Vertemati ( or any other extinct Itallian exotic).....the exception to this is of course someone who wants a new or good clean bike for his/her collection.....they are beautiful works of handmade art for sure.....

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