Lower Seat Height

I have been riding my 2004 WR450F for a few months now and really love this bike. I am 5 feet 11 inches and am about 190 pounds. I mainly trail ride so do need that much wheel clearance. I wish my seat height was a inch or so lower. Anyone ever replace the rear shock spring? Any other thoughts about how to get the bike a little lower at seat height? Thanks, Steve

I shaved 1/2" of foam off the seat. Seems to help. I am 5'7" and can use all the 1/2 inches I can get. Start with the seat. It's not any LESS comfortable than stock. Doesn't "look" shaved etc.... but at your height, it will affect your sitting to standing transition, so maybe it's not the greatest idea for you but it is a way to get rid of "Some" seat height.

It is better to oval out the hole on the bottom two holes of the sub frame.

I did this to my 426 and just did it to my brothers 04 wr450 today, easy to do with a dremel tool took about 30 mins. Lowered my bike about a 1 in and the same on the 450. Easier than cuttin the foam. Good Luck

Thanks for the idea. I will try it. Steve

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