Anyone have a yz426 engine for sale?

I need a new top end for a YZ426. Does anyone have an engine for sale, maybe with a trashed gearbox or so.. The top must be in good shape..

If not, where is the best place to buy a new one? My friend lost 3 valves in his 2002, so i bought it for almost nothing.

I just am finishing up a "new" rebuilt engine. It is a 2002 YZ426F that I took in on trade for my bored & stroked engine. This particular engine had a water pump seal go bad and it ended up overheating the rod bearing and tying up, it did not throw the rod through the cases or anything. It is currently going together with the following:

'03 450 auto decompress ex. cam

New valve springs & seals (head & valves are excellent)

New JE forged piston,pin, & rings

New OEM Yamaha crankshaft assembly

New timing chain

New water pump shaft & seals

New Yamaha clutch (Inner & outer basket in excellent condition)

Of course new gaskets & seals as required

This engine will be / is as good as new and I'm open to sell it or the complete bike when completed (it also is excellent condition)

send email address and I'll forward pictures of dissasembled engine and all of the new components going together.

PM'd you back. I'll also sell my ultra nice 2001 with this engine cheaper than "Scooter's" (alot cheaper!) Shoot 'em "Poot!" :cry:

email me at for pictures. :cry:

I just dropped three valves on my 01' YZ426 also. I was able to salvage the head by re-cutting the valve seats ,re-sleeve the cylinder, new piston and new valves for about $600. I saved some $$$ by going with a steel valve instead of the Ti.PM me for more information if you want.

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