Wings on the XR650L

What purpose do the "wings" on the xr650L serve? Those of you familiar with the XR650l will know what I am talking about. They look like a radiator shroud but, as we all know there is no radiator.

Do you still have yours installed, or have you removed them?

The reason I ask, is the Honda Gods wanted me to remove mine, because I ended up using the one on the left side of the bike as a shovel yesterday and broke it off.

Will this effect anything?

Thanks for the help.

They are supposed to direct more airflow to the cylinder fins. Just take them off.

Thats what I was thinking. Like I said, I had no choice on the left side, its already off, the right side followed suit when I got home.

according to my local longtime Honda dealer, who is a pretty good old mechanic,... the XR650L wouldn't pass the California Emissions when the tank "wings" were removed,... somehow the temperature difference plays with the mixture, supposedly...seems the opposite to me, but he's the one supposed to be the expert ... ?? ... this all makes me dizzy, and short of breath, .... must be the smog from my uncorked piggie ...


Free yourself of those ugly wings, they supposedly help to direct air over the cylinder head but they've been building air cooled bikes without em for years. My first act of modification when I got my XRL was removing the wings, IMO it greatly improves the look of the bike and gets rid of a little bit of excess highly placed weight. "Free your bike and your ass will follow."

Like Everyone has said, they are for cooling. I had mine on when I got oil temp guage and my bike ran around 200 - 250*F. I also broke one of them, on a wipe-out, so they both got taken off. Now my bike runs about 25*F warmer, but still under 300*F, so I left them off. They are like 80 bucks just for the outer white shell, so save the money and look better!!!! :cry:

When you are cruising down the highway at 75mph (steady high rpms), the engine gets hotter than if you were riding off road at variable speeds. The front fender as it comes stock blocks a good deal of the airflow to the engine....hence the wings. They were added for extended highway cruising. That's how I understand it.

I took mine off but I only ride around town.

Had them off for years with no problem. I also took about 1 inch of plastic of the rear of the front fender to give a little more air to the engine. The over sized tanks don't even allow for the wings and the XR 600's never even had them with basicly the same engine.

If you want your engine to run cooler put a free flow exhaust on it. The stock pipe is so restrictive it keeps the hot exhaust flow from getting out as good. It will not get as hot or lose performance as badly on long rides when the motors really work hard and the temps climb. A rejet and a good aftermarket airfilter frees up things to. :cry:

Anyone want to sell there wings. I have a 94 xr650l that I do alot of high way riding on and I would like to have a white set.

Thanks for all the input guys. I think I will follow suit and keep them off. Save the money for the aftermarket exhaust and desmog stuff.

Thanks Again!

I had a fairly large temp. difference at 20 mph with the wings off, so watch the temp!



I think I still have mine from my 94'. I took them off with the stock tank and replaced it with an IMS 4 gallon one. What area are you in, I perferre you look at them first and since I do not own a digital camera I cannot sent you pic's. Had hard feelings from someone else that bought some car parts from me sight unseen and they did not like the color. I am in Fay, NC.

Hey man, I'm in virginia about two hours from greensboro. I also need a tank cause mine is leaking so that would work out good if you would want to sale it as well. What kind of shape are they in?

I haven't removed my wings yet, I'm waiting until I can afford a new tank. One other good thing about them is, now that it's cold, I can tuck my legs behind them for a little bit of protection during my commute.

Do all the aftermarket (larger) tanks require the wings to be pulled off permanently? I'm interested in the added fuel capacity, but it gets pretty hot where I live and would rather keep them on.

My Acerbis tank forms it's own scoops and forces air over the motor.

I am a tech at a honda dealer ship in virginia. If you want I will get you a tank at my cost and we can work something out on the other tank and wings.


The tank has a dent in the left side from the previous owner but it did not leak. The rest has the usual scratches. All the decals are still on it as best I can remember. It has been 2 years since I looked at it in the attic. If you are interested let me know and I will give you my #. you can make me an offer.


I am interested.

Give me a call in the evenings 910-433-0967 ask for Ray. If I'm not there leave a message with the machine or my wife and I will return the call.


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