05 vs 04 WR450F

Does anyone know how the 05 compares to the 04 as far as performance and handling ?

Uh Oh...

Haven't been on an '04, but I picked up my '05 a couple days ago. 25 miles so far, so still breaking it in. I know I need to do the free mods (throttle stop, grey wire, etc). Biggest dissapointment is the sound/power. They have taken all of that hot air (exhaust) and forced it through a little 3/4" hole at the back of the bike! This thing needs to breathe and I can feel it. From a couple other posts, once the free mods are done it really turns into a 'mr hyde' :cry: . Looking into an exhaust system and will probably go with Dr. D.

I rode my new 05 450 wr for the first time yesterday...Before it left the garage I did the following...

removed the air pump... capped with automotive type rubber caps..

uncorked the exhaust...

JD jet kit...170 mj..blue needle 3 clip down..fuel screw 1-3/4 out..

removed overflow bottle and ran over flow hose down in the front..

replaced wr rear fender with a 2.6 pound less weight yz fender...

removed odometer..and cable...

removed air box plug..

removed approx 8lbs of bull s*#@t yamaha think a race bike needs..It doesn't.

installed cycra pro bend hand guards...

installed heavy tubes, and m12 up front, s12 michelin on rear..

installed a hour meter to keep track of time for oil changes..

It does not have the hit of my old 2001 426yz, but sometimes less is more.. I rode all woods on Sunday, very slick from the rain we have had here in Missouri. The bike was a little stiff(from being new) but it worked fairly well..Need more time to get the forks and shock broke in..I am happy with my new ride... :cry:

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