Hard starting (sometimes) 426

It could. There is a weep hole on the right side (kick side) of the cylinder. Use a wire to run up in the weep hole to clean it out. Water collecting around the top of the plug is not a good thing.

I was thinking about this today and realized that if enough water collects there, and if it reached the bottom of the spark plug wire boot, then capillary action could carry the water all the way up to the top to the plug wire contact creating a short direct to the head.

A good test then would be to put the old plug back in now that it has been running again and see if it starts up with the old plug now.


Bottom line is, I have finally got a new plug in the thing, and it started just fine.

I did notice though that when I blew air into the hole where the plug goes (before removing the plug) a little water came out of the drain hole in the cylinder. When I removed the plug, there was still a little water surrounding the threads as I looked closely at it. Would water surrounding the base of the plug after the wash cause the starting issue?

...and a tip I picked up somewhere here is to use a golf tee to plug that hole to prevent water entering when washing


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