What are the oem bolts/fastners made out of?

What are the oem bolts/fastners made out of?

Could be a number of materials :cry: Depends on what BIKE,CAR, AIRPLANE,or BOAT your working on? Could be grade 8 steel, stainless,Titanium,

I would narrow it down to maybe grade 5 or 8 OEM fasteners...on most

vehicles......run of ther mill stuff.


I am talking about the ones on the yz450f?

It still depends on which specific ones you are looking at at a given moment. Most of the bolts on your YZ are probably metric grade 10s (eq. to SAE grade 6). Many of them like the head bolts will be metric 12's or higher (SAE 8 or 10). They are almost universally steel. Any bolt that holds a magnesium part needs to have a non-metallic coating or use an aluminum washer to avoid galvanic corrosion of the bolt and the magnesium. Yamaha makes this pretty simple by coating most of the steel bolts used on the bike.

If you're ever curious, remember that a magnet will not stick to Titanium, aluminum, or very high grades os stainless steel. If it sticks, it's steel.

Crap, plain and simple.

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