if it has been run hard at all it will be the rod bearing! 426 throw them like crazy!

it is the rod bearing and it has definately been run hard.

Hey, you shure that your oil pump didn't fail? I always check the oil galley bolt every 2 rides or so. If theirs no oil when you loosen the bolt, your oil pump has failed.

You are supposed to also clean that little tube thing under the stem, i think its called a strainer or something when you do the oil along with filter and oil change. YOu have to take the skid plate off to do it. Thats per the yamaha service manual. I dont know if that could possibly get clogged and affect the oil flow/ pump duties? Well anyways why dont you try ebay for a complete motor, i have seen some go for 500-800 bucks complete and in running condition. Just a thought.

my mechanic said it would be pretty obvious if there was an oil problem. Lots more signs of damage in the motor than just the big end rod bearing. So if the rest of your motor has no signs of damage, it was just the rod bearing that failed. My parts were ~220 and the labor was ~500. Not too bad, but still a bit of sticker shock. Mine runs great now, it feels as fast as my 450!!! almost......

its not the oil pump. i know that for sure. and it's not the oil strainer. i know how to check that and it was checked the last time the oil was changed. i should hopefully have the parts back sometime this coming week. once its all in the bike should be together in a day.

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