(WR) California green sticker? 03/04/05..? wr

Hey Guys thinking about going back to the reliable wr 450 or 250 had a 250 and went orange 450 exc... yamaha has always been dependable and good price /maintence easy too... I want to get a green stickered WR what year was there a change from gren to red sticker and are all 450 wr electric start,or when was that addedor any other info would be great ...Thanks for your time Dave PS,anyone know where to find a nice used maintained one ? in Ca?

2005 is a green sticker bike.

All the 4 stroek WR's were green in Calli excpet the 03 and 04 WR450F. 05 is green. Now if you find a Canadian imported 03 or 04, the VIN is different and you can green sticker.

I just want to get this straight... 03 & 04 are not green here in ca,but an 05 is......... :cry: I thought the tree huggers were getting stronger.... and epa more strict....... as time was going ? I assume these are all with the happy button ( e start)? was the 426 made until 2002? with out e button...wr 450 came out in 2003 w/button? Thanks for schooling me :cry: Thanks Dave

02 and down are green stickered, no e-start.

03 and up have e-start.

03/04 are red stickered.

05 w/ more emission equipment is green stickered.

I might know where you could find a very nice, well maintained '03 (red sticker, e-start) in a few months in Ventura...

Thanks for clearing all that up for me,now I just need to start hunting........for........ :cry: Im assuming all the 05 smog crap can be taken off...? anyone made those changes?

A related question: I am looking at the new WR 450 and wondering how hard it is to remove the California emissions equipment. I live in Vermont and don't need it. Also I had an Edelbrock on my XR 650R and loved it, anyone use one on a WR?



I would too like to know what can be taken off easy and what can't

I don't think you need to worry about taking stuff off. The 05 isn't getting a green sticker because it is more smog-friendly. It gets a green sticker because Yamaha is willing to certify it for 5 years as per CARB's requirements. Remember, the YFZ450 (quad) has always been green stickered and it has the exact same engine as the WR450.

Green sticker is just a political tug-of-war between CARB and the manufacturers. We are just caught in the middle.


I have an 03 WR450F Canadian Model for Sale if interested, that'll get you past the sticker according to an earlier post. Check out the link for details:


or you can PM for more. I have teh original choker pipe (real quiet..) too if you want to sneak around...

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