I am in the process of building up a XRL. I have a 10.25:1 comp piston, hot cams stage 1, XR400 oil cooler, and I match ported the head. I want to use the stock carb for the break in. Does anyone have recommendations for jetting. I am assuming something like 60-68 pilot and 160-170 main. I was planning on starting with a 65/165 combo. Does anyone have abetter idea?



You didnt say if you have other mods like header, pipe, or filter. Your L has a CV carb which I am unfamiliar with. I dont know if that affects jetting.

My jetting and mods are in my sig. Seems to run a tad rich both high and low, but it keeps it from cooking the oil.

Might want to try your post in the jetting section :cry:

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