Tripple clamp????

I'm gonna go to some fat bars (by "go to" I mean purchase 1 1/8 handlebars, not go to a bar that caters to large people) on my '04 450, so I was thinking about buying a new top clamp as well instead of just adaptors. I've never bought a aftermarket top clamp before, so my question is; is it worth the cost? I think I can get the bar position and height I want without a new top clamp, I'm not concerned about weight savings. So I just can't think of a reason for spending the money. Any thoughts?

Look at Ride Engineering. I put them on my CRF 250 X, there nice and seemed to be cheaper then RG-3. There are allot of others, applied, etc.

if your pretty sure you'll be happy with adapters, go for it. i went to a brp top clamp. i wanted to be able to adjust position but i also wanted to go to rubber mounted clamps.

Aftermarket triple clamps are generally heavier than stock, but off rubber mounts, adjustability and or different offsets. If all you want is the fat bar, I would go for the adapters, a way cheaper option.

I'm using Applied Triples can't adjust positions with them but where the cheapiest. Can't use adjustable with a scotts dampener unless you buy the right bar clamp and I had a std kit and I'm short so adjustablity wasn't a big deal. Universals are nice with the rubber mounting and adjustable but had problems with getting a set that fit my bike since the 04 YZ and WR are different size forks. I bought mine from MotoSport Outlet but can get them cheaper at BTO SPORTS . I'd check with TT store. :cry:

03 yz fits 03-04 wr :cry:

I'm selling this Protaper topclamp on ebay right now, one day left....

This topclamp is for the 00-03 YZ that slipped on to my 03 WR with no problems..

If I could give my .02 on topclamps, the adjustable ones are nice but some of them won't let you mount a dampner on them. You might not want to use a dampner on your bike now but might want to in the future.

I'm using Applied Triples can't adjust positions with them but where the cheapiest...

Hey Treebark, I'm not 100% sure, as it's been awhile since I mounted mine, but if I remember correctly, there are two available positions for the bar mounts, one stock, & one farther forward, depending on which way you install the bar mounts.

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