Mini Fairings for XR650L ??

Hi Y'all!

Just joined this forum yesterday, very much appreciate the loads of great tech tips etc. I was wondering if anyone knows of an aftermarket mini-fairing for the XR650L, I mostly ride on-road and swapped bikes one evening with a friends Kawi KLR 650, That mini fairing on the KLR was pretty sweet, although I much prefer the XL-R a mini-fairing would up the comfort and not detract from most trail and dirt rides. Any Takers? Thanks, GMac

I have not ridden with one but a guy that rides with me says that he has one but took it off because he kept hitting his head on it. If you ride on the pavement more like you say and when you hit the dirt dont get into any rough stuff you should be ok. I know this is not what you are asking but I hope that it helps. If I rember when I see him I will ask him about it.

RIFLE used to make a mini fairing, sort of a headlight shroud/windscreen thingie, Universal-fit...ya might do a Web-search for RIFLE

Thanks for the tips, It'll be interesting to see what I come up with when I type "rifle" into a search engine. :cry:

try typing in Rifle windshield, or rifle fairing ... :cry:


I did indeed type in "windshields" with my search, Did you know there's a stripper in Butte Montana that calls herself "Rifle Windshields" :cry: LOL

But seriously I found links to all kind of fairings etc. none of which would look very sexy on a dual-sport bike, wishful thinking I guess. Thanks Anyway!

JC Whitney sells a Maier fairing for the XR650L. Get the "Style 4" for 7/8 in. handlebars. Here

I have one on my 99 XR650L. I don't know if it does any good - it's still windy. It does give some headshake at 70 mph (a co-worker has the same problem with his). But it does look cool. YMMV

I have an '02 XR650L and picket up a windshield similar to the Maier type 1 for $15.00 used. I put it on for some of the long road commutes to work in the COLD weather and it makes a huge differance in keeping my body temp. up.No wind on the chest= warmth. It doesn't look too bad but it sucks as soon as you want to stand up. The problem is it is so close to your face that off roading is not a real option.

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