'87 XR frame side covers/fenders

Looking for replacement side covers and fenders for my '87 XR600. Most places seem to list '88 & up. Will the '88 XR600 plastic fit correctly on a '87? What re the differences (if any)?


maier sells them for an '87. I've been wondering about if the '88 and up would fit. I think you have to change the gas tank which I have. The airbox side would seem to me to match up, not sure about the exhaust side.

Interesting that you mentioned that the gas tank might be different.....I am looking for a larger tank (probably a 5.0gal Clarke), however I noticed that IMS lists the 4.0gal (part #112222) XR600 tank to fit all years, but the 4.7gal (part #112219) only fits from '88 on. Clarke also shows the 5.0gal tanks to be different between 85-85 and '88 on. I assume the the sidecovers must be slightly different on the '88 & up where they meet the tank?


88 & newer side covers extend to the gas tank farther, I've mounted new tank seat and side covers to my 87, tank rubber strap is different. I extended mine using a heavy zip tie to reach the mount on the tank. One of the 2 seat bolt's doesn't line up either, could be made to work easily with a little cutting a welding. I didn't do it the seat hole just bypasses the tab for pinches it from the side, works fine for me. Side covers fit up fine. David

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