YZF450 handling

I just bought a 04 YZ450 and took it out to the desert in the washes and noticed that the front end wanted to slid out on the turns. I noticed that the front tire was low later in the weekend. Would a triple clamp help keep the front end from washing out or is it just my riding style. My old 97 CR250 didn't handle like that. Any help would be great. Thanks.

move the forks up in the clamps as high as they'll go then set your sag,put a good intermediate to soft terrain front tire and give that a try-p.s. yamahas dont turn like hondas either-lol the 97 cr didnt handle at all-I had a 98 man was that bike fast-too bad the chassis was so stiff.

I have never even seen a desert but is it sandy? The stock Dunlop 739 sucks in that condition. I think they work really well in the showroow, though. :cry:

I ditched it and got a 756. Huge difference!!

If it's the stock tire, get rid of it.

Michelin S12 front :cry:

Ditto. Ditch the the 739 for a 756 or 742. The YZF does not need a different clamp offset. That's for Hondas and KTMs.

I race desert D-37 on an 03 YZ450F. When I first got the bike I had the same problem. Number one: they don't turn the same way a 2 stroke does and it takes a while to get it. I pushed the forks down flush on top, set the sag at 1 inch and took all the compression out of the front with only 4 clicks in the back. That is after Acme made it as soft as he could.

You need to get your body up over the front to lighten the rear and use the throttle to bring the back around. Don't give up it just takes some practice.

I've had handling issues on the 426 too and have yet to really get a handle on the proper setup. From the sounds of it, a tire better than stock will help. Although there seems to be differing opinions on the fork in the clamps issue.. someone said move the forks up as high as possible (like I did mine) and someone else said that they dropped theirs down. Interesting..

I just played with the sag a bit - I increased the sag slightly. My other problem is that I'm not a tall guy.. 5'9" or so.. and I have a short inseam (32") and a longish torso. It feels like I have to bend over the bars a bit when standing and I think this has a lot to do with my handling discomfort..

I have an '04 450 and was having the same problem until I put a Pro-Taper adjustable bar mount on it. By pushing the bar mounts up 5mm it made a huge difference. I can now get my weight over the front of the bike way easier.

The storm link, cr high bars, 100mm sag, and bringing up the forks about 5mm in clamps work for me. I'm 6'1" and 185 lbs. Since adding the storm link I think I can even lower the forks back to stock.

What is a storm link? I am also 6'1 and run cr high bars.

a better front tire should make a huge difference. when I first rode my '03 I thought I had forgotten how to ride, until I changed out the front tire.

Dunlop D756 or Michelin S12 is truly the ticket.

I also agree that getting a top triple clamp and moving up your handlebar position 5 to 10 mm really puts more weight on your front end.

2-smokers are steered with the rear wheel, thumpers need to be steered with the front wheel. I actually like to run my compression harder in the fork so the front end does not collapse as much when you throw it into a turn and starts plowing...

It's a suspension link in the rear that is shorter and cganges the geometry of the bike. They claim that it is like running an offset triple clamp. You must reset your rear sag after installing. Check out stormcycles.com :cry:

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