Market value for 02 YZ426F

There is a 2002 YZ426F coming up for auction this Friday and I am curious to know what a reasonable price to pay would be. I called the auction company and they said it was a clean bike and there is no reserve. I am gonna do a search on ebay for similar, but want feedback as to the value of this bike.

Is the 2002 YZ426F a good bike to buy? I have an 03 YZ250F, but if this can be purchased for a reasonable price, I may go for it.


mike :cry:

2500 if its SUPER CLEAN. I paid 3100 for a 03 450 that was in good shape.

The 2002 model is a nice bike, mine has not ever had a wrench turned on it, besides oil changes. I think the average retail value is higher than $2500.

I've seen lots of people asking $2900-$3400 in Colorado when I was living there. Granted this is what people were asking. I have no idea what they were actually getting. That was this summer so things will have changed a little since then. If it's in good shape and you can pick it up for around $2500-$2700 usd I would think it's a good deal.

As far as the bike itself goes, the '02 was a good bike :cry: . By '01 they had the kinks worked out pretty well. It's a really versatile motor and basically bullet proof in the reliablility department. Downside is it's pretty heavy compared to the 450's. I have an '01 and still really like it even after moving up to a 450. I'd deffinately consider it if the price is right.

Thanks for the replies. The auction is Friday, I'll let you know what happens. In the meantime keep the replies and opinions I love this site!

mike :cry:

being from canada will make a big difference. as others are saying 2500, here in southern california a clean '02 426 will run you 3500-4500. i paid 2900 for my '00 and it was really clean. never abused. and i thought i got a really good deal on it.

I have a very clean hardly used 2002 YZ 426 for sale in Canada..Max 10 hrs on it...$5100.00 shipped to you...

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