Bent rim

Can you straighten out a bent rim, got two little dings on my rim and was wondering if I could straighten it out

:lol::D:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::D:D:lol::D;);););) and :D;);)

If there minor don't worry about it.

You one big, muh. . . :cry:

I have straightened bent steel rims when thats all that there was......kinda dating myself

but unless its really bad like 426 said don't worry about it....would just be a cosmetic fix


The other thing is > How does it ride since being bent? I have one hanging in my trailer that most folks would call minor damage...... But the damn thing vibrated so much at high speed it drove me crazy to the point where I bought bar inserts (That didn't help), and eventually broke down and replaced the rim and spoke for about $150.00.

Bonzai :cry:

I've found that I can use a hydraulic press to repair just about any ding/dent without even removing the tire from the wheel. That's as long as the dent hasn't gotten the wheel itself out of round. I can tell you a vice won't work and if you're going to use a hammer you'll have to beat it to death as well as remove the tire. Find somebody with a decent press and you'll be :cry::cry::cry: .

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