Baja Designs Kit?.......Which one?

Hey guys i have a question for you.... I am ready to order a Dual Sport kit for the beast and not sure which one I need... Baja Designs makes the conversion kit and the "D.O.T" conversion kit ... what does the D.O.T conversion come with that the other one doesn't?


DOT kit comes with the Baja HP headlight & a brake/license plate light mounted on the aluminum license plate bracket. Both the Baja HP & tail light are DOT legal. I bought the full DOT legal kit for my '99 because the DOT upgrade costs less than a Baja HP headlight would have cost when I broke (crash damage)my stock one.

I have the stock WR taillight wired for tail/brake functions & the DOT light is mounted but not wired. FYI - I was stopped by a ranger at Gorman (friendly wave to pull over & chat) and he commented about my non-functioning DOT tail/brake light not being legit.



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