Anyone go from an 02 WR426 to an 05 WR450?

I currently have an 02 that I absolutely love - but due to back problems I can no longer kick start without much pain. The concern I have with the 05 is the seat comfort. (I had an 03 YZ250F that just killed me because of the thin seat it had - and aftermarket seats didn't help enough) - I like to ride for an hour or two at a time - so I'm wondering if anyone has had experience in long rides on the new beast and can give me some feedback. Also, how does the suspension compare with the 02?

Thanks in advance.


Go for the e-start and get a guts racing seat for your new WR.

Once you got e-start you wont go back to kicking.

I would think the suspension would be better on the new bike. But you have to fit the suspension to your weight and riding style/terrain no matter what you buy. :cry:

I used a Guts seat on my YZF and although it helped, the combination of tall ergos and a really thin seat to begin with did me in. That's why I'm asking the question, someone who rides long and hard should know if there's a potential problem. With the 02 there is no seat problem for me.

I have a YZ seat on my WR, but it's an aftermarket. It's the SDG tall, and it's cushy as a couch. Much more comfortable than the stock WR seat ever was ('02 WR426). I would say if the seat is your concern, then don't sweat it. Bet the 450 and if the seat turns out to be too stiff, rest assured that you can fix it with an aftermarket seat! :cry:

Well, close, I went from an 01 WR426F to an 04 WR450F only because of the e-start! :cry:

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