wr450 on/off switch removal

I am tring to put a std. yz number plate on my wr and the on/off switch is in the way. I can remount it somewhere else but I don't like it any way. If I removing the on/off switch will this diable the e-start or is it just safety devise??


:cry: HI. I had an 04 wr450 and I mounted the switch done at the steering head. Tried to bypass the switch but it would drain the battery.

I am also interested in using the yz number plate. Are you using the stock WR top triple clamp and what did you do about the speedo spacer on the front axle? Any info - Thanks

i switch to a yz number plate when going off road and the switch doesnt get in the way all that much, just need to use a zip ty each time to secure it to the tray that holds the stock odometer. I used the ufo one.

I run a YZ number plate on a Scotts TC on my '04 WR. For the switch I made a bracket that is held on by one of the left handlebar clamp bolts. Works great. As for the odometer I'm running a Trailtech and just put a rubber vacuum cap over the connection on the gear drive where the cable used to hook up.

Thanks for the info guys. I put the plate on last night and remounted the switch to the handle bar bolt, it works well and the plate looks good..


Can you show us pics of the end product?

my camrea is trashed. fell on it at the dunes and it has alot of sand in it.


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