Ultimate 4 nightmare!!!


And what if you are using it on a 470cc ported, hot cammed Jardine titanium exhaust 450? You then really have a hole shottin' mutha! :cry::lol::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Maybe that the klotz and U4 do not mix together :cry: try mixing the two together in a cup and see if that grey stuff comes up!

That's a great idea, mix the Klotz & U4 and then maybe some of your usual pump stuff and the U4. There has to be some reaction that is causing your issue. I used Klotz stuff back in the day when I drag raced a Pro Stock motorcycle, befriended one of the engineer/chemists and they made me some oxyegenates that really woke up the fuel! :cry: That is untill the NHRA figured out not only checking specific gravity but also a dye check, then it was over and had to move on! :cry:

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