YZF silencer

How well will a YZ450F stock silencer work on a WR450F? Does it provide more power than the stock on a WR? :cry:

I can't speak for the 450's, but on my 426, the YZF pipe didn't make "more" power (by my rectal dyno), but it made "better" power. Much snappier and more responsive...plus, it's about 3 lbs lighter...and, the price was right (free!)

From what I've heard, it makes more mid-range and top-end power, about the same bottom-end. It's biggest advantage, is less weight up high. I got an 04 YZ muffler off ebay several weeks ago, $72 delivered :cry: haven't had a chance to try it yet, I've needed the spark arrestor where I've been riding lately...

I have a YZ pipe on my 426 and it is heaps better everywhere than the WR pipe. Mind you, the Ozy WR pipe (ADR) is quiet as a mouse. YZ camshaft and YZ needle (or JD kit) will complete the package.

I have a yz450 exhaust on my '04WR. It fits with no problems. You will need the rubber bushing and the longer mounting bolt that is used on the YZ. As for power it's hard to tell since the bike has so many other mods (yz cam, jetting, etc.). The whole package is very fast but not for the timid or those that ride a lot of technical trails. The YZ cam is probably responsible for most of that. I run a PMB endcap for a SA and silent insert where I need it but out in the desert I run it open most of the time. In that configuration it is significantly quieter than the stock WR without the core and about half the weight. Like the others I picked mine up on Ebay for CHEAP and it was literally new. All in all a good package.

I agree with Birdie426 "the YZF pipe didn't make "more" power , but it made "better" power. Much snappier and more responsive...plus, it's about 3 lbs lighter". I bought mine from a guy here on TT for 60. Search the YZ forum or Parts forum. :cry:

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