Does anyone make an after market kickstarter?

My brother's '98 400 has lost the internals and it just flops around. I'm waiting for him to break his leg or something.

Yamaha said that they can't (or won't) sell him the spring and ball, only the new assembly.

Please help me save alot of time searching. Thank You.


You know that if you grease the kickstarter ball periodicly it will last a long, long, long time.

Call Pro-Tec. They're located in Murrietta, CA.

Thank you.

Nah, he's more into flash and doesn't know much about maintenance.

It's been like that for a long time & I didn't think much about it until I rode his bike last weekend. That is all it took.

Now I'm on a mission to get him one for his birthday next week, but even with my other siblings pitching in ... well, I'm just really poor right now.

But thanks for the advice anyway.

Let me know what the price you get on that is, Im on the same boat, just been lazy to replace it

Thanks Speeddemon. Thats the one. (Best deal that is.) SOLD!

The SHORTER one is da bomb!

Makes starting my 426 so much easier!

Bonzai :cry:

ya i run the pro-tec kwik-kick (its about 3/4"shorter) feels way better sticks out from the bike more also. $150 though it was worth it to me after starter removal on my wr450. :cry:

This sucks. I called BBR and its out of production and out of stock.

E-Bay!!!! There's been a buch of 400's and 426's being parted out lately.

I was able to buy a spring and a ball at the local Lowes store. They had a giant selection of balls .

That did not sound too good, but it is true. I dont remember paying over 2.00 for them.

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