03 yz 450 exhaust question

just need some opinions on witch exhaust would be better on 03 450 fmf-q series or big gun or is the stock better power, ride in noise restricted areas, these are the only pipes i have to choose from ,thanks

rasta, stick with the stocker...give you a couple hundred dollars to spend elsewhere.

I have the FMF Q and am very happy with it.

I have the Yoshi slip on and it is LOUD! It's a good loud but still, other people dont think the same way as me.

I Would Think The Big Gun Would Be To Loud Also. I Don't Think The Stocker Meets 96 Dec. My Wife's Hair Dryer Is Probably Louder Than 96dec. What A Shame!

High Compression

Yz450 Jardine Rt-4

My Q is at 95.5 dec. :) the stocker is over 100 :) not good in california

I'm also looking at the Q to quiet the bike (YZ450, 03) for forest access. A few questions for ya.

1. Did ya have to rejet and if so what did you go from?

2. Do you have the Powerbomb header also?

3. Did the Q kill the power or just change it?


I'm looking for a stock 03' YZ450F muffler section if anyone is thinking of trading up to a aftermarket pipe. Let me know...



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