Need Help!!!

Ok, have a bit of a problem here.. Got an 01 YZ426F.. The hex bolt for the oil filter cover won't tighten all the way down, its stripped. Only tightens down a little bit but it doesn't feal like its enough.. What can I do? Run a lil longer bolt to reach the undamaged threads or what? Not sure how to fix this :cry::cry::cry::cry:

Tou could try running a thread tap down the hole very gently, if memorey servers me right its about 6mm. hope this helps. :cry:

And dont rush it take your time.


Mine has been like that since Sept 2002!!

I just make sure its the last bolt I put back in and I use teflon tape on the threads......never a leak and still going. I just snug it down when I put that bolt in.

If your not comfortable with that then heli coil it.

I got a bolt from the yamaha dealership that is about 1/4 inch longer then the stock bolt and I put it in with no problems and it tightened down and no leaks.. Wouldn't that work? The threads go back farther then what the stock bolt reaches or am I blocking something that I'm not aware of?

you should be fine.

cool, thx for the info about the helicoil, and putting teflon, was brain loacked and couldn't think of anything but maybe a longer bolt, duh...

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