Does your 650R ever suddenly just die??

I was wondering if this every happens to anyone else on here. About three or four times over the last year my bike will just suddenly die and lock up the rear tire at the worst possible moments. :cry: It is usually comming up an uphill on a trail in second gear fairly low rpm and and all of a sudden lock up and twice I have dumped the bike due to being in a bad situation for it to die and lock up the back tire. I have the stock carb which runs perfect all the other times (68s 175 main, float level tweeked etc.) I don't know if it is coughing or what is happening. It just quits. I'm wondering if it is a carb problem or something else??? Anyone have this problem that the edelbrock carb fixed.............. :cry:

I don't think it's a question of a carb issue. I think you're just plain stalling the machine. She can and will lug. However mine does the same thing to me sometimes. It will just up and die, typically in a tight trail or small incline where I'm tired and not on the gas like I should be. Try turning your idle up a tad and see if that helps.

Funny you say that as my 2003 model very occasionally just stops dead for no reason. Done it about 5 or 6 times in 12,000km and 18 months. Always at low revs and 1st or 2nd gear, on the flat with little load, so definitely not conventional stalling.

Normally I can crack the throttle open quickly without a hint of bad carburation but the times its done it I am applying throttle in a more progressive way so its not as if the carb is being caught out by a big gulp of air.

i suspect its to do with the fuel height - I've already lowered the float slightly but I think the fuel height does go a bit wayward at times and gives a sudden burst of too rich mixture, typical of the abrupt hesitation and resulting stall.



Steve - You described it better then I did but it sounds like your experiences are the same. It is not the typical stalling. The first couple of times it happened it was like "what the heck just happened" It was like someone just shoved a stick into my rear wheel while I was going along at 10mph. Not much fun on a nasty single track that has a big drop off on one side. I've never had a bike do this to me before and it has happened more than once so I decide to see if it is something with me or the Pig.

Not sure if I can help you guys cause I run a QS Pumper Carb but I've been around enough BRPS. If this is happening up a hill only, it surely has something to do with float tab adjustment. I do remember reading about this with some guys off the yahoo forum (over 40,000 xr650e posts!). Now the whack the throttle and kill the bike problem is something totally different. If your just lugging along and you whack the throttle, one cylinder doesn't creat enough vaccuum to pull all that gas in and burn it so it just floods the bike. This is also known as the honda kill switch. Do yourself a favor if your pocket book allows it and call Rob Barnum and order yourself a pumper :cry:

Wow that's kinda weird. My bike has never done that before, even lugging it around at low revs. Maybe it's something to do with the float level, or something? Not sure.

I've have the same problem. It only happens on tight single track while lugging the bike in second gear. It's always unexpected. There have been times when I've nearly gone over the bars because the back wheel locked up unexpectedly. This would often happen 4 or 5 times on one section of single track! And it's not from whacking open the throttle. It was a really PITA. I was advised on the Yahoo group to increase the main jet size. I went from a 172 to a 175 main and so far have found this to help immensely. About 90% of the time I'm satisfied with the stock carb, this problem on single track and occasionly starting a flooded bike really have me thinking about the Edelbrock.


Yip me too...mostly coming to a halt a T junctions where the bike does indeed just stop.....fine in all other applications....

Thanks guys for the feedback. I believe an Edelbrock is in order. I have spoke with Mrs. Claus now I will have to wait to see if she thinks I have been naughty :cry: or nice :cry:

Man, all of us getting the Edelbrock for Christmas. Gonna be some happy pig lovers around the tree. Thing that bites though is that here in the Northeast I won't be able to try it out until next year sometime. Damn winter.

I have had the unexpected die thing happen. For me it has been related to sudden pitch changes at slow speed. When I've been riding aggressively on single track then back off for a T intersection, if I go up a sharp uphill or downhill as I'm stopping, the bike sometimes just quits. Not very often. Leaves you wondering "What the F***?" Pretty sure its related to the float. I am running a 172 main. Perhaps I will throw in a 175. The quicksilver just isn't in the budget for this year.

I ride alot in the NW with lots of hillclimbs etc... The first year I had my bike it did that often. Always on a hill and I think always going up. I was thinking it was the degree of slope and this thing being a pig it just ran out of gas IE the float issue you are all talking about. But I got to tell you this. It has not happened ever since the quick silver has been in. I think if you watch the posts of the people without issues with the stock carb, they live in flat areas like the dessert or Arizona, or California. If you are not laying it down due to rocky, slimey, rut riddled, root ruined hill climbs, then you can't appreciate how nice it is to run back to the middle of a hill climb and pick up you upside down still running bike and ride. I used to get harder work outs from starting my bike then riding it. But not since the EBQS.

I just want to chip in on it being flat here in California desert. :cry:

Flat :cry: California is big and we do have big flat deserts...with real big hills (bigger then most mountains in some states) everywhere and major large mountians surounding those deserts. Now Texas is flat! Alabama...I went to the second largest mountian there and I think it was still under 400 feet about sea level. I live a 2,800 feet above sea level and wlk out my door and look at a 11,501 foot mountian that is only a few miles away. Southern California....they must have put an order in with God when it was made. All the mountians and deserts are all in the right places.

Please try a 70s pilot and a 175~178 main jet

Hey Bro,

FYI, I'm a hoosier but have ridden in the desert in cali, az, ut, etc and I have to say that it isn't flat. The high desert above LA can have awesome elevation changes. If your carb is killing ya, lower the float a C*** hair and you should be ok. But you're right if you got the cake, get a QS and your problems will be solved!

B Dub, As you were writing your response, I was composing mine. I agree with everything you say. I'm not sure if you noticed when I met you but everywhere we rode together, I was really wide eyed. Everything looked like a moonscape to me! Totally different and I really enjoyed the high desert in CA. When are you gonna make your way to Indiana RE: Michigan to ride in something totally different? :cry: I'd love to have you as a house guest and play tour guide!

I would love to come over! But, you have to promiss that you keep your lady from spanking your piggy out in the open dressed like in those pictures! Also, if she is going to handle your wrench out in the garage she will have to be wearing more then the thumper talk attire. I don't think my wife could handle all that! :cry::cry:

Those were crazy pictures!

My wife was sitting talking to me when I first popped them open and after the silence I heard "OH, My" when I got to the pig spanking one. :cry:

B Dub, please keep this under your hat but thats not me lady, just the maid. :cry: And if you promise to come ride out in the midwest, I promise that I'll have her clean your bike!! :cry:

My wife said,"over my dead body"

Then she said, "what is he thinking, he has met me"

Then, "If you go I go"

B Dub, what part of "keep this under your hat" did you not understand? :D:cry::lol::cry::cry: :cry: :D:lol::cry:

we are atached at the ah....ah...ah...hip :cry: She was standing right here when I started laughing :cry: I asked if I could have a maid also.... :cry::cry: I have it good already don't want to mess up what works :cry:

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