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I started a list on Yahoo groups for trail riders called Colorado Trail riders. It will be a small group of locals who are looking for other people to ride with. Check out the subscription page at:

Please forward the address to all your riding buddies and lets get this thing growing fast. The list is for all bikes, 4 strokes and 2 smokes. However it isn't an MX page, its just for trail riders. The MX crew already had thier own list. SO, lets see if it takes off!

I started this because I was dying to go riding on Sunday as I knew the dirt would be sweet! I called every single dirty nails biker I knew and no one wanted to go. I was so bummed I started a new list so I could find guys to ride with!

Roostn in Golden

Hey Colorado boys. I live in southern Virginia but have long dreamed of heading out west to CO. I have been to Telluride & Steamboat Spring on vacation. I really liked Telluride, very close to Moab. I want to live in the mountains, but unfortunately will need to be employed. I am an Information Systems Network Technician. Can you give me some ideas of places to look into that are not the big city but have plenty of employment, plus are close to lots of mountain riding? Am I asking too much? I am just getting tired of riding the same 6mile loop every weekend.


Greg C.

Excellent initiative. That's how I would put it on your performance appraisal. This is the first summer that I don't know when I can ride and by the time I find out, it is too late to get anyone else to go. Perfect solution. I will pass this on.

Well, Lets go then! Jump onto the CTR list and we'll hook up. I'm going to Rampart Weds might after work if you are game.

Roostn in Golden

GREG C. I live in Steamboat/SKI Town USA. It's A Awsome place to live. There's lots of ride'n to be done. A buddy and I did about 110 mi. ride and never the same trail, up around Steamboat Lake, and there's a lot more. And we never saw A soul on the trail Except the Deer,Elk, ect... Now I don't know nothing about your field of work but, I pretty much came here with nothing, 10 years ago and am doing pretty well now. This Town is boomin. PoP. is about 6500. and growing. You should check into it man. I need someone to ride with before I sell the thing...


I'm thinking we should put together a Steamboat Trip! Wanna lead?

Roostn in Golden

Any of you ridden in the Salida area. The rainbow trail or others. We are heading that way this Sunday. We have been going there for a couple years. Long pull from South Dakota but worth it. How is the riding up near taylor reservoir. We may hit that later in the week..

I joined last night. No can do today. I work until 6:30pm.

The Rainbow trail is about the only place I've not been on. I'd love to make it but I'll be in Mich for the 500 this weekend.

Steamboat is a great place to ride. I did the Hahn's Peak area last summer. Great trails and single track.

I've been to the Taylor Park area many times. If you can, ride Tin Cup, Hancock and Tomechi Passes. You can get there two ways, from Buena Vista into St. Elmos or go from Buena Vista over Cottwood Pass to Taylor Res. Drive towards Tin Cup and park anywhere along the road. There is even some single track on the way to Tomechi. It is rocky terrain but fun to ride. I rode from Crested Butte into Tic Cup once but I remember that trail just being an un-fun jeep trail. The Timberline is back there but I don't know much about it.

Thanks DJH, I will have to look into it I was in steamboat during the off season and they had a vintage motocross race and Buell demo rides going on. So they must be pretty motorcycle friendly.

Anyone else have any suggestions?


Sure thing roostn,I'd rather be in front of though's 400dreds than behind! I'm off this weekend work the next ect. Saturday's anyway. WE need to set a date,time,place.

Like 7/21/01@9AM. little red park @ Road 550&500. There's 3 main trails that pretty much start right there.


Arrggh! I have to work Saturday moring. I rarely have to wrok weekends being in engineering but we have some rework to perform. Bummer. When I get back from vacation we will hook up for sure. A couple weeks!


Roostn,the next weekend I have off is the 4th.& 5th. of AUG. I guess we'll see A... A bud of mine that lives down there mite make that date also. ANYONE ELSE UP FOR A STEAMBOAT RIDE...


I like that idea, anytime anyone wants to ride and does not mind waiting for me, ill ride, what can i say, im learning on a 426, feel the love. Dougie we should go ride somewhere, ill drive, just say when.


The NCTR group is coming to Crested Butte on Sept 7-9. I have a place up there with rooms, I am asking $20/night per room to pay for cleaning, if you want to go on a group ride. Its a nice place, check it out at First come, first served. The trail riding is great in CB, lots of singletrack. Dougie, try trail 409, block and tackle trail, top of the world, Teocalli ridge, etc. You probably rode brush creek to italian creek and missed all the good stuff.

Durango?? That's where I spent the first 18 years of my life. Didn't know quite what I had when I was growing up, though. I rode dirt bikes all over that area in Jr High / High School. Now I live in Florida, makes me realllllly miss the mountains. One of my favorite trips was up to Engineer Pass / Cinnamon Pass (above Siliverton and Animas Forks). Talk about a blast. Of course, I rode my WR up there last year and could barely get the front wheel airborn in 2nd (13,000 feet kinda does that to the power of anything...)

I envy you...


'98 WR400, S-3B Viking

Have to agree with Mike and Butta. Ouray, Telluride, Durango and Crested Butte are fantasic places to ride.

Mike, are you talking trails in Grand Lake? I'm familiar with Engineer, Cinnamon, Aminas, Black Bear and Imogene but the ones you mentioned do not ring a bell for the Ouray area. I've ridden Grand Lake only once before. So those are foriegn to me if you are referring to Grand Lake. I've snowmobiled up there a few times but those trails look mighty different with no snow on them.

Mike, we may be interested in that weekend. We try to get a weekend in CB every couple of years. I'll talk to my buddies and most importantly my better half and see if we can swing it. That is a hard deal to pass up. Thanks for the offer.


It may be later in Aug before I can ride again. I'll be in Durango with a family ride trip the 4th, then in Grand Lake for a family wedding / riding trip the 17th. I'll let you know the next time we go.

Hey BUTTA, when did you live in durango? I lived there from 80-88, and graduated from high school in 87. Maybe we know each other. let me know if you can.. Jim Pierce

Dougie: Those are singletrack trails around Crested Butte. I was reffering to your post about riding a dull jeep road from CB.

Like to hook up and ride with you guys sometime. Going to Rampart tomorrow 9AM. Hope it rains hard today!

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