Setting up a WORCS/Enduro Bike, need opinions.

I'm now on the charge to get a new (or slightly used) bike to setup primarily as a WORCS/Enduro race bike, with 35% of the time spent on the MX track, and 65% spent in the woods. I'm in the Boise, Idaho area and weigh 160 pounds. The woods riding I do ranges from fast singletrack to fairly tight singletrack, but I'm not too concerned about getting the bike setup to go slow, my YZ400 is setup pretty good at tackling the slow, tight stuff since I've somewhat WR'd it to a certain degree.

I'm a Yamaha man for the most part, so my first inclination is the YZ450. However, the 4 speed tranny and the brutal hit really concern me. I can tame the hit with a flywheel weight and such, but the "no first gear" thing on the 450 could be problematic. So, I got to thinking about a YZ250 two-stroke, but I'm just having issues with going back to a premix burner for some reason.

I don't think the WR450 is going to be a race bike I can be happy with due to the weight, although I could make it lighter, and get the tranny I need possibly. That just doesn't seem like the right way to go for a race bike.

So, a CRF450 has entered the mix. 5 speed tranny, smooth power curve, and as a bonus the bar perches on the triple clamp are removable so I can put the steering stabilizer on without having to buy a new triple clamp. I'm not a Honda guy, but unfortunately it's making alot of sense.

Is their an option I'm not seeing? I know this is the Yamaha forum, but any insight to bike type and setup for woods racing would be appreciated.

Give a 250 a try if you can. Mine has been dead reliable. I tried an 04 crf450 and it felt like I was riding a brick.

WR450's and tight tree riding are a bad mix. A WR250 might be a good choice. I'd be careful about getting a four stroke Honda. Go to the Honda forum and search for "valves" before going that route.

And much as I hate to say it (being a Yamaha guy), look at the KTM MX & EXC models too. Seem to be lots of those at the races I run in.

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