Help an 'ijit

I am rebuilding/respringing the suspension on my 04. It appears that I dont have to take the front forks completely apart to respring and reoil. What do you do, take the top cap off and dump the oil, replace, work the system and replace (repeat). I saw a good thread here a while ago and i cant find it with several searches.... perhaps that one deserves a sticky!

The rear shock is supposed to have oil in it, but teh manual doesnt say anything about how to change the oil... how do you go about this??


Its best to take the fork completely apart and clean it. Any foreign matter in the valving wil cause problems.

The manual shows how to do it.

The back shock is more difficult to do, its hard to get all the air out of the shock.

You might want to have a professional do it.

There's also the whole thing of having the shock recharged. I say spend $60 bucks and have the rear shock done, if you want the oil and seals changed. But it's unnecessary to do that to simply change the spring.

While Beezer is correct about completely pulling down the fork and cleaning it being the best route to go, that's not always needed, either. It depends on how long you've left the oil in place, and what it comes out*looking like. You decide that part. Changing the springs is exactly like changing the oil, except you don't put the same springs back.

Remember to loosen the top clamp pinch bolts before you try to loosen the caps. Then loosen the caps, then remove the fork tubes from the lower clamp. After that, follow the manual to the point where the springs are out, dump and work out the old oil, put in the new and bleed the air, install your new springs, and go.

Or tear the whole thing down, like Beezer said, and do it up right.

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