98-99 yz400F vrs 01-02 yz250F opinions

not shure what size. i like power but not stuff thats gonna kill me, rode my 2nd 4 stroke dirtbike and it was a 1984 yamaha TT600 about 45-50hp but managable, to big to ride for me weight wise, 350lbs and to start..no deconpression! it was like kicking a cr or kx500 for me. i have a few bikes in mind, money is comming together nicely and i prefere an older machine vs new beause i dont wanna mess somthing that cost 5-6K up. i have seen prices as low a 1800 for these 1st years 400F's and 250F's i grew up watching the 4 stroke reloution happen and studied these bikes alot in dirtrider mags. i'd like to konw how relable they are, how long top ends last when not racing, prolly not even pushing the bike more then half of it power. weight is not an issue for me, i ride 400+lbs sportbikes so even a heavy dirtbike feels light to me. are most of a YZ400F's and 250F's good off road bike thru woods and nasty trails. i chose not to go WR because who on earth needs lights and more 20lbs of stuff, like where can u ride off road at nite these, days...just want to know riders feed back for these 2 bikes, i am also looking at a TT-R250 XR400 and XR250 but want somthing with some nice up to date things.

for what you can buy a used 250F for you can get a clean 426F. I would say an 01-02 YZ426 is the best bike for the money...you can find them cheap.

I agree with Satch, look for a 426. They're lighter than the YZ400, they're faster, and will probably be more to your liking than a 250F, if you're used to bikes with low end grunt. The 250F is very powerful, but it's all midrange and up. With the prices of the early 450s dropping, you should be able to find a nice one at a really good price.

hmm so you guys are telling me i can get a 426F for like the same price of a 01-02 250F.... how hard are these things to kick over, anything like 125 2strokes or alittler harder like the 250 2strokes?

the 01-02 YZ250F and 00-02 YZ426F can be a bear to start until you get the "drill" down pat. But if you drop an 03 Auto Decompression cam in them they kick over as easy as any 250 two-stroke.

Look for an 02 YZ426 instead of the 01..... You can pick an 02 up for about the same price and I think it's a much better bike with the improvments in the Swingarm link and the rake corrections that were made....

Bonzai :cry:

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