OEM part # for Rear Brake replacement order?

TT does not sell OEM parts. ONly aftermarket parts. Does anyone know what the Manufacturer part # is to order replacement brake pads? Also do you normally just order them through your local motorsports place? I searched the general forum and this forum for info but could not find anything. Appreciate the help in advance. :cry::cry:

Easy way to get part numbers is to go to servicehonda.com and click on parts and then click on the 650R for parts numbers.

Most Honda dealers will have break pads in stock.

If you have the part numbers, then call the dealers and ask for the parts guy, and then just tell him the part numbers--well then you get bonus points from the parts guy. someday those can be cashed in for a free bolt or a free piece of plastic tubing or last years FMF catalogue or something...

works for me!

Thanks for the help irondude. Super easy :cry:

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