1998 WR400 info

Hi guys,

Is 2700 CND Dollars alot or a good price for 1998 WR400 ? Also whats recommended when buying a bike this age/ type ?

Also i'm 6ft 6in tall and i've seen post about lowering bikes ,can std height WR400 be raised in height ?

The WR are actually quite tall. ~39-39 inches. At 6 foot I doubt you will need to raise it.

What about the price ?

Is that 2700 Canadian dollars.

Dosn't seem to bad of a price if it's in good shape.

Check the basic stuff like if the chain and sprockets have some life left.

Check the slider on the swing arm under the chain for wear.

check the wheel bearings by grabing and wiggling the front and rear wheel.

If the rear wheel rattles check if its the wheel bearing or swing arm pivot.

Check the rear shock for good damping.

Check the stering stem bearings by pulling the front brake and pushing on the bars,check the side to side resistance of stering. these bearings came with very little grease from the factory so you would hope they have been serviced some time in the past.Check that the brake pads have some life left. Have the seller

start it and if you really consider buying it have him teach you the drill.

WR's are noisey and have lots of rattley sounds at idle so don't let that bother you.

Yes 2700 Canadian Dollars

I have a 98 WR 400. Have ridden it lots of miles.

I am 6' 7" tall and all I have done is to move the stock bars ahead and up using some brackets a company makes for snowmobile bars.

It makes the bike easier to stand on the pegs and lets tall riders move ahead on the seat.

I don't know what a good buy might be for a 98.

Dave Cutler.

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