XR650R Christmas List

I bought my husband a brand new 2003 XR650R last April. He's been riding it for a while an really enjoys it.

Christmas is coming up and I'd like to get him some stuff for it.

I was thinking atleast a larger tank, a skid plate and a new oil temp guage.

Do you have any suggestions?



Got a sister??? Man, what a good wife!

Seriously, your list looks good so far. Skid plate for sure. :cry:

How about a pipe, jetting and an aftermarket air filter? If, of course, he doesn't already have all that :cry:

Oh yeah.....Kudos for being such a caring bride!!

Oh yeah, he does have an FMF pipe on it, and an airfilter (not the Uni, but another kind). He has the hot cam sitting in the living room. He's a little hesitant to add it! Said the pipe gave it some real kick by itself!

So you think I'm off to a good start?

I wanted to make sure there wasn't something that "all the guys" put on their bike right off that I should get first, like an auxilary blinker fluid reservoir or something! :cry:

Depends on how big he is. If he's 200 plus, get his suspension done by Barnums. Otherwise, the two best mods in this order are an Edelbrock QwikSilver Pumper carb and a Scotts steering dampner. :cry:

Do not waste your money on the oil temp gauge stick.

An easy to order item, that is useful, would be the IMS wide footpegs.

How about some barkbusters?


Depends on how big he is. If he's 200 plus, get his suspension done by Barnums. Otherwise, the two best mods in this order are an Edelbrock QwikSilver Pumper carb and a Scotts steering dampner. :cry:

What will the pumper carb do?

What will the pumper carb do?

Make it start easier under all conditions. Give it better roll-on performance. Eliminate the need to rejet at different altitudes. Allow the bike to keep running when it's laying on its side. And be way easier to tune when he does stuff like open up the airbox cover or add the cam. If I bought a brand new BRP, the QS carb would be my very first mod.

I don't have a steering damper and have not yet felt a need for one. My GPS says I have had my BRP up to 82 MPH on pavement and often 60 - 70 on dirt roads. Plus, plenty of slower trails, rocky jeep trails, etc.. But I've only been riding dirt for a year and a half and I'm slow, so maybe that's why I haven't felt a need for a damper yet.

Other mods that I have and would do again:

- Enduro Engineering or Moose bark busters

- IMS Pro foot pegs

- Renthal Fat Bar and Applied Top clamp

- XRs Only oil temp gauge dipstick

- IMS 3.2 gal. tank

- Garmin GPS V with RAM handlebar mount

- SRC fender brace with license plate bracket

- SRC Stage 1 airbox cover

One of the best things for the pig is radiator guards. There's two basic types- motionpro and Devol.. Believe me, radiator guards aren't romantic nor pretty, but BRP's neeed protection in that area!

There's some nice graphics available at Graphicmx..


One of the nicer things I did to my pig was install a set of full sized (not the thin ones)spider grips, helps alot in the vibration dept.

I run an Edelbrock also, but that's something the rider/owner should decide on..

Tires...The pig goes thru rear tires like popcorn- Maxxis IT's for the hard pack dry conditions, IRC M5B for the winter months. Bigger the better.. I've dang near tried all tires available and that's what's been working to date- All the fancy euro tires just don't seem to be able to cope with the pig's power..!

Anyway, hope this helps, and good luck!!


How about a gps if he likes exploring trails.

Id definately would like a pumper carb for christmas! I hope santa is listening. lol

I hear you on the tire wear department! His is getting close to "knub-less"!

That Pumper carb seems like a good thing. I think that will be #1 on the list. That thing is a b^&%$ to start sometimes!

Then the gas tank, cuz he runs out of gas on the long rides w/ the guys.

Thanks for all the excellent suggestions. I'm going to write all of them down. If he doesn't get them for x-mas, then it will be 4 his bday in May!

Again thank you!

Hey guys, Is the Edelbrock Quicksilver really worth the cake? I do hate the stock carb. However, the girlfriend told me to make a nice list of things I want for X-mas(already done,haha) and that's going at the top. Secondly is Barnum's the best place to shop for them with regards to setup? TIA!

Tim, YES and YES

Pammy if your looking for a GPS, go with the Garmin Map V and the Touratech Suspended Holder with a ram mount, all readily available through cycoactive.com ---nothing else even compares :cry:


I work in the motorcycle industry, but don't ride. We specialize in the XR 650R. In fact, we do the suspension and race prep for all of team honda (motorcycle division). Here are a few things we recommend:

*Modifyied right side foot peg bracket (not foot peg)- those tend to brake off at the bolts, and are a bear to get the parts out of the frame. This runs $149.00

*1 piece choke plate. the stock one has movable parts and tend to fall off. The mod is one piece. This does not change any performance, but it is a preventative maintiance. If it were to brake it can cause anywhere from $800.00-$2000.00 worth of motor damage. This runs $29.95

*pro-circut pipe/exhaust system. We reccomend either sticking with the stock system or using the Pro-Circut T-4 exhaust system. these are the two best for performance. It will require a jetting change to a 168 main and a 68 piolet. Your fuel mixture screw to be 2 1/2 turns out. This runs $499.99 + jetting ($20.00).

*IMS Foot pegs are a big hit. About $90-$99

*IMS gas tank 3.4gal or 4.6 gal $225.00-but only if he goes on long trips.

*Carbon Fiber Fork Guards- There are not any fook protectors out there for the XR 650R. These would make a great gift $69.99... @ www.precisionconceptsracing.com

*Steering Sabilizer/triple clamp set up...runs about $699.99 for the XR 650R

*Suspension set-ups are always good!!! Again try precision concepts

Hope this helps. Looks like you are getting a ton of responses!!!

Thank you for the great suggestions!

The Edelbrock carb. is the first item on my wish list for Christmas from the Wife.. :cry:


a bit off topic, maybe.

I just tried to open your website, but it required a shockwave player from macromedia.

I have a business oriented computer with minimal software and high security settings. Your site should have a basic, non-flash required, version, like many sites.

Just a friendly comment. Good suggestions for Pammy

i hope to check out your site, let me know if there is another way in.



If your thinking about an after market tank, I'd suggest looking into the Clarke 4.3.. Fit is supurb...

I'm thinking to start off, the carb, tank & skid plate...I'll look up that Clark tank...thank you!

Yeah I like the Clarke tank way better. There have been some fitting issues with the Edelbrock carb and an IMS tank. The Clarkes are cheaper, colors match stock perfectly, and fit perfect. I paid $170 for mine and the IMS was $229. No brainer there. Happy shopping, lucky guy. :cry:

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