steering stabilizer

gonna get a steering stabilizer for myself for christmas. i have an 04 yz450f and ride the desert exclusively. should i get the scotts or the gpr? and why?any bad experiences from either of these? :cry::cry:

:cry: Go with SCOTTS :cry: i had a GPR it sucked :cry: scotts has more adjustments to tailor you riding style

I've ridden and raced with a Scotts, GPR, WER and RTT. The WER is great for eastern style rocks and woods, but is very hard to adjust on the fly. I liked the integrated nature of the RTT and the thumb adjuster quite a bit. The GPR was OK, but I've had two fail. I liked the Scotts the most, it seemed to damp the best, it is very adjustable and from my experience the most reliable of the bunch. I was talking to a friend who has WAY more experience than myself who said every brand has failed on him at one time or another while racing. Still my final vote is for a Scotts.


I have been racing with the Scotts for 5 years and it has Never let me down once. Periodic maintenance such as changing the fluid every year is all that I have had to do with mine.

Bonzai :cry:

It's unanimous then -- we all vote for the scotts dampers.

I have 2 scott's dampers (one on each bike) and have never had a problem with either one - the only other brand I have tried was a WER and I wasn't impressed with lack of adjustability although it did seem to do it's job - I haven't tried anything else and probably never will since I've been happy with the scott's units.

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