YZ450F vs. CR450F

I bought a 04 YZ250F a few months ago but I'm looking at upgrading to a 450.

How does a YZ450F compare to a CR450F? :cry: Let me know if you have rode bought bike to give honest comparison.

Keep it Down :cry:

04 YZ250F $700 in upgrades & Tootechracing suspension & air tank.

Well, i have heard that the crf's burn oil :cry: but they are lighter. the yzf's have a more powerful motor that the crf.

The YZF is going to be the more reliable of the two. In fact, they are almost unbelievably durable. The CRF has been pretty good in that regard, though some have had trouble, as mentioned.

I like the YZ engine better for a variety of technical reasons. It also is significantly more powerful.

I like the four speed better than 5 covering the same speed range. The bike doesn't need gears that close together.

The Honda feels lighter when you're riding it, even though there's very little difference in weight, and it seems to require less effort. The CRF is easier to turn (the '05 YZ is said to be a little better about this than the earlier ones), but the YZF steers better in that I feel like I can choose a line and stay on it more accurately than on the CRF, even change in the midle of a corner if I want to. The CRF feels a little skitish at speed, the YZF quite stable.

Honda's stock suspension is superb

The CRF also seems a little cramped to me, and I'm not that big at 5'10". I have a lot more room, especially when standing, on the Blue bike.

It boils down to which one YOU like best. I recommend one of each. :cry:

The CRF's don't burn any more oil than the YZF, they just HOLD less oil...therefore you have to keep a closer eye on it. The Honda only holds about 0.6 quarts, vs. the Yammi's 1.1 quarts.

If you go to the websites for Honda and Yamaha you can compare specs. The honda is only 2 pounds lighter than the Yammi...I seriously doubt you will ever notice the difference.

The power in the '05s is about the same, and the suspension in both bikes is great. From what I've read, the Honda actually has better handling this year, which is a first since Yammi introduced the YZ400F. The CR has a lower seat hight, which is better for shorter riders, but worse for taller ones.

Really it's just a matter of preference. I personally think the Honda's are sexy, but that fat frame can get in the way if you want to work on your carb. Also the YZ rev's a bit higher, so you can pull longer in the same gear...which is another big difference, the YZ only has 4 gears, vs the CR's 5 speed. Less gears=less shifting. On the other hand, the YZ is geared taller on the bottom, so you lose that slow speed grunt for trail riding...which can be easily fixed by changing your sprockets.

Both bikes have their pros and cons...just hop on both, and get whatever feels the best. :cry:

I recommend one of each. :cry:

I concur.

That's why I bought both! :cry:


Personally I think its more the rider ex(ricky)on suz he will still win, I would rather have a yamaha because that all Iv ever owned was a yamaha since I hade a 125 I just love how they handle compared to a honda my sister just got a 04 crf 250 and I doont really like how it handled. but thats my opinion yz 450 is the only way to go. Braaaaapppppppppp !

I have an 04 CRF450 and an 04 YZ450F. I recently bought the YZ due to my CR valve breakage. I had trouble with the stock ti valves. Replaced them with the stainless steel valves ($230). No problems until it broke 2 valves on me during a race. From what I have heard, seen, read, etc... the YZ450F is a much more reliable motor design than the CRF450. I am rebuilding the CR and will sell it as soon as possible.

I race hare scrambles and enduros. I had the suspension done by my race tech suspension doctor before I ever rode it. I put an 11oz flywheel weight on it prior to riding. fat bars, stabilizer, tires (ms2), oversized tank, rekluse, all prior to riding it.

I was afraid of how bad it was going to handle before I rode it. From what everyone has to say about the "great handling hondas" you would think the YZ was poor. I put aftermarket BRP triple clamps on the honda to help it turn.

The YZ is the best turning and handling bike I have ever owned. I don't know if I just got lucky on the set up prior to ever riding it stock or what, but I'll never buy another honda.

I was shocked when I bought the CR at how much it wanted to go in a straight line. I'd go into a corner and give it a little gas and I wanted to go one way and it went straight. Forks 10mm up helped, but the triple clamps were the ticket to HELP it turn. The YZ's rear end just whips around in corners.

Sorry this was so long, but I felt I had to put my 2 cents in.

Ah the red vs. blue wars.... gotta love'm! Hey! Lets to an oil thread after this!

Normally I stay out of these but this year, I think there is a CLEAR WINNER! :cry:

I've owned both '02 CR450F and just sold my '03 YZ450F. I'm racing a CR250F now...well when the broken rib and A/C seperation heal....I'll be racing it again. :cry:

I'm deciding right now between bikes for '05. I'm looking at the '05 CRF450 and the '05 RM250.

The YZ450F didn't even make the cut! On the YZ450, it came down to two things for me.... I couldn't get the forks right. ( I should have sent them to Enzo. ) That and engine braking - If I rode hard the engine braking would "upset" the bike on corner entry's unless I was PERFECT with the throttle.... When I got tired that was hard. I guess I'm not the only one that doesn't like it...I read the factory bikes are all set up with slipper clutches!

IMHO - The YZF will be second best until they get the weight and CG down with the AL frame. That and minimize engine braking.

'05 YZ450F vs. '05 CR450F? Buy the CRF. :cry::cry:

Both awsome bikes in the 450 size. But the Yamaha definitely has its advanatages in the engine durability stakes.

Is there any way to reduce engine braking on the yzf?

Slipper clutch. :cry: That's what the factory boyz run. :cry:

Why would you want to do that? Just go into the corner deeper. The only time it's of concern is if there's braking bumps, then you just pull in the clutch and use the rear brake. I think Ferry started that whole freewheeling clutch thing, but RC doesn't use one. I've had both the CRF and YZ 450's and never really noticed the compression breaking on either until I returned from riding a CRF250 for a while. Both the YZ and CRF 450's have engine braking.

Can you explain a sliper clutch to me ? Iv never herd of them

What I understand is that it acts as an auto clutch, locking up under accelleration, and unlocking under deceleration, thereby taking away any engine braking.

I've riden both of the '04 450's and settled on the YZ. I am 6'1 and felt a little cramped on the Honda. I know Fastway footpegs would have cured this, but the YZ is way more reliable as well.

Is there any way to reduce engine braking on the yzf?

Engine braking is minimal on the 450 - compared to the 426's - I personally like engine braking as if you learn to ride with it correctly you can corner faster.

Flywheel weight and slipper clutch will help if you are stuck in 2smoke world..... :cry:

If I was going to buy an 05 450 - it would be the Honda hands down - I prefer my 03 YZF to the 05 YZF - just wish it had the 05 forks - :cry:

To reduce engine braking:

raise your idle a bit. I have used this trick for years even on roadrace bikes. It acts like a slipper clutch on corner entries. stock idle is ~1700 rpm. I raise to as much as 2500-3000 depending on track conditions.

Is there any way to reduce engine braking on the yzf?


I would say ride what ever brand you are riding now because when you first start riding the new one it will feel better than if you were to change brands. When I rode my cousins Honda it felt fine, but when I rode my 04 YZF it just didn't feel right and will take some time to get used to. I am a Honda man for life but since Im not racing like Bubba Stewart or really abusing the bike the only thing that will slow me down is not keeping it maintained. If you keep both bikes well maintained they should both last the same amount of time. They are both equally likely to have the same amount of trouble. Some people say that the engine on the Honda's are bad, and others say that the engine on the Yamaha's are bad. It just depends on who you talk to. So just buy what you are comfortable riding while it is stock and you should be happy.

The CRF450R makes less horsepower than the YZ450F.

The CRF450R has valve problems, unlike the YZ450F.

The CRF450R has been proven to handle way sloppier than the YZ450F.

The CRF450R holds less oil and burns it alot quicker than the YZ450F.

...make the right decision.


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