YZ450F & a new rider

The original poster said that he had track experience. I believe anyone that can get one of these "HOT" roadbikes around a racetrack competently has the skills that will transfer over to dirt to a great extent. But lets not confuse a "experienced" street rider with a competent track rider, they are two entirely different animals. Also a handful of throttle on a roadrace track can have the same effect as it does in the dirt just a much greater speed.

Being a long time pilot of four strokes I'm very sure you are good enough to use a YZ450s power...but as mentioned the YZ450 is less that desirable for a

GOOD trail bike...if your going to spend the money on a new dirt bike I think

you should have a good experience.......Don't you? My 03 450 is far from a GOOD trail riding experiance.....and in order to make it CLOSE to being

comfortable on a single track trail ride you will have to spend alot of money..

Do yourself a favor and look toward the WR line if your a Yamaha guy..

The Suzukis have great trail bikes also......Most important ride one first..

then decide.....OH, and have fun.

BC :cry:

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