Just Picked it up Today

05 WR450 :cry: Cant Wait to tweak it and try it out this weekend. I started cracking up when i started it all stock. Sure sounds funny like it doesnt want to run in stock form. the things the have to do to sell bikes in this state (ca.)

What a joke. :cry: I know the bike will run great a scare the &^$^ out of me when i uncork it. I have a 450F quad, it sounded and ran better stock than this thing.And that half throttle..... :cry: .... well glad to join the ranks of the 450's on 2 wheels. see ya out there :cry:

When I first fired up my 04 WR450 it was quieter than the TTr250 I sold to buy it!! It sound like a pent up lawn mower. Uncorked the bike is a bad a$$!! Yoiu are gonna be in for a wonderful treat!

Congrats on the new ride!!

Congrats! You'll be real happy with it. Start with the throttle stop and jetting. Damn things are WAY to lean.

Congrats you have the best all around trail bike made! Enjoy! Welcome to this forum. :cry:

Thanks Guys.. i havent had a chance until today to start playing with my new honey.. one question... in the jd kit for wr it say 3rd groove for clip on needle, on the other side for the yz it says 4th groove. should i do 4th groove if i do the yz timing adjustment?

I hear ya on the sound it makes pure stock. Got my 05 450 a few months ago and my kids XR70 was about as loud. Congrats!

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