Where to go for Trip from Toronto?

In search of warm weather riding.

Can anyone recommend a good place to plan a riding trip to???

We have one week 1st week of January.

We will travel from Toronto, Ontario.

Looking for a good mix of riding. Prefer advanced riding/aggresive.

We have D/S'd bikes WR 450's and one KTM exc450 with Ontario

street plates.

We're used to linking trail systems of varying terrain and like to be able to pull into town for gas and food etc. with no hassles (cops).

Would only like to travel about 20 hours or less from home.

I've heard of Hatfield-McCoy, and Broken Toe. Would love to see UTAH (love sand and rock) but too far for us this time I think.

Any others? What would you boys recommend? any advice or info would be appreciated.

It's getting cold up here. Where did the summer go? :cry:

Daniel Boone Forest in KY (Redbird, S-Tree, TurkeyFoot) near London KY.

Windrock ATV Club (Coal Creek) has some 77,000 acres of the best riding in the appalachians ) near KnoxvilleTN

They are only a couple of hours apart and it is my recommendation for a week of all the tough stuff you can handle. :cry:

Hatfield McCoy is not as good at the 2 areas listed above. I was rather diaspointed with Hatfield McCoy Rockhouse trails. :cry:

Thanks Indy,

Exactly what we are looking for :cry: .... and not too far to drive.

Both look interesting. Which do you prefer, Coal Creek or Daniel Boone?

I searched the websites.... to me it seems that Daniel boone might be very strict (almost down on us) and very regulated. Will this take away from our enjoyment? It also seems to have better infrastructure so it may be worth dealing with all the do's and don'ts.

Coal Creek seems to be very similar to our riding areas up here. It looks a little less restrictive and has TONS of trails.

Of course the terrain is of high importance. We like to really rock and roll out there. :cry:

So... which of these 2 would you (or anyone else) recommend.??????

Thanks again.


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