03 WR450 Flywheel

I have heard alot about the risk of the flywheel key breaking and causing damage. I have a 03 WR450F and was wondering how real this is, what is involved in the fix and if there is any dealer recall etc.


You have to do your own recall and upgrade to 04 parts. See instructions on this web site:


You can save on the side cover by ordering the bushing and pressing it into the side cover. Search this fourm for bushing part number it is very cheap.

This is a must upgrade! :cry:

I think he is refering to the woodruf key failure. There is lots of talk in this forum in regards to that.

To answer your question, YES it is a recall if your bike has not been done already.

The service bulletin (not a recall) is a TSB loctite bandaid and it is well documented that it does not work on this forum. The 04 Upgrade works! :cry:

You think Yamaha made the design changes in 04 for the latest 03 just for the fun of it? :cry:

As usual Indy speaks the word......do it. :cry:

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