marcus is a ragin'cajun i remember from his last thread bombardment. cajuns started out as canadians,at least they had enough sense to move!
Sorry but they were booted out. :cry:

they coulda stayed if they woulda bowed down to the limeys. i don't blame them for not wanting to be under the queen. my gggreat grandparents were part of the movement from acadia but they only made it to new england, its too bad i always thought i'd make a better cajun than a yankee!!! you oughta try living in the south with yankee roots,they still think the war is on :cry:

your dont have your hotstart lever pulled out do ya??

Start from the rear and work towards the engine, eliminating one thing at a time.

First, I'd pull the silencer and make sure your muffler bearings are within spec. If they are worn, you'll get all kinds of weird sounds. If they are okay, torque them back down and apply a nice even layer of high temperature grease.

If that doesn't work, you better look at rebuilding the head because you've probably burned up your valves drag racing quads.

That sounds good! I like to shift out at high rpm! When let off the throttle in 3rd gear at 45 MPH it make like a popping sound. It might be my jetting. :cry:

your dont have your hotstart lever pulled out do ya??

No I don't I've never used it. :cry::cry:

RE Exhaust leak??

You think so? How can I tell if I do?

Start it up in the garage, with the door sealed closed, but vent the exhaust outlet to the outside. Run the bike up on a fast idle , , then just sit there with it, maybe in a garden fold up chair and wait............!

If your neighbours notice your mailbox door wont close, like a week later, cos its completely full, you can be sure you have an exhaust leak!!

LOL :cry:

Wow! Tough crowd around here! :cry:

Just joshin with Marcus, he's a bit crazy!.......... but fun too!!

Wow! Tough crowd around here! :cry:

We are not that tough of a crowd, its just marcus is that easy of a target. Don't be afraid to ask a stupid question, we won't make fun of you. Only one person has the combination of tenacity, stupidity and overall loopiness required to incur relentless torment here.

When I saw who started this post I said to myself, "He's back!" :cry: For the first time Marcus asked a real question! :cry: He had to expect most of those answers after the weeks of pain he put us all through. I really hope he had learned his lesson from his past misdeeds. Only time will tell. The backfiring is from a lean condition. Either change your Pilot Jet and/or turn out you air mixture screw and you may want to raise your needle. 95+ octane gas helps too. I hope this was not too much info for you. :cry:

read your manual on adjusting your carby! Easy to do don't get too stressed!

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