Flywheel wieghts

undefined :cry: HI :cry: Do flywheel wieghts help control exiting tight corners that lead into jumps???? :cry:

I got some great advice on making my bike corner better and was wondering if the weights would let me get on the throttle harder. :cry: The track I ride has a lot of doubles and big table tops right out of tight corners. :cry:

Ya, Ive heard from other tt's that it smooths out the power delivery and your bike will get more traction. Also keeps the bike from stalling as much, thats why off roaders use them. :cry:

Do flywheel wieghts help control exiting tight corners that lead into jumps?


Bonzai :cry:

Let me put it to you this way. I use 3rd gear...only. Even in the pits. With a flywheel weight you can stop and roll out of corners. My bike hasnt see 1st in 2 years. I have the six oz.

Guys, tell me if I am crazy, but I swear I get better tire life with m heavier flywheel weight. I think the lower amount of wheelsping is to blame.

It is not as if they now last forever, but I woudl say it lasts a good 25% longer.

Its the best mod I have ever dont on my bike.

If you own an '03, you absolutely need one. (I know, a lot of you guys don't have one and you like it just fine. That's OK) I have the 4 oz Dr.D, and I may go heavier. It makes a world of difference in making the power more manageable.

Yamaha built the '04 with what was the GYT-R 5 oz flywheel in '03, so it doesn't need more weight as badly as an '03 does.

Because of the changes in power characteristics, the '05 probably does not need one at all.

If, coming out of slow corners and hitting the gas, you get way more wheelspin than you think is reasonable, a heavier flywheel will help that by giving the engine a little more to accelerate.

The Dr. D and the GYT-R flywheels are welded on ring weights that are balanced after installation. This type is more effective per ounce of weight than the bolt on type, because part of the weight of any bolt on weight is in the center, where the bolts go, and does not contribute as much inertia as the weight located on the outside edge. This all means that a 6 ounce welded ring is about the equivalent of a 9-10 ounce bolt on.


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